Here’s to all my writing prompts that were nothing more than prompts.  I had great ideas but they were nothing more than great ideas. I thought I was going to write amazing stories using these ideas but no, I was never going to.  Here they are… my ideas.  Use them if you want. This came […]

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Life Status: Okay

His life was okay. He would write when it wasn’t. When he was angry he wrote his best.  When he was upset he wrote his best.  When he was excited he wrote his best.  When he was depressed he wrote his best.  When he was happiest he wrote his best.  That was when his poetry […]

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Four Year Break

Why bother giving an introduction?  This post is about the following and not what you’re reading right now.  Jump right in… It’s been four years. Mary is 39.  She’s had two kids. A daughter with autism.  A son with a freckle on his chin.  Her oldest is learning to read and her youngest is getting […]

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Cursors don’t blink!

  The moment she put her finger to her lip she remembered that her nails had been painted yesterday.  That thwarted her unconscious plan to bite her pointer finger’s nail.  She consciously put her hands under her thighs and sat on them.      She stared into the blank page on her screen.     […]

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A Few More Favourites

Hope everyone’s having a great day and a great week and a great month and a great year and a great life.  Yeah?  Me too guys. Here’s a list of some of the amazing books I’ve read this year (May to August) that I suggest every bookworm reads: Spark – Evan Angler — This book […]

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The old dream

When I grow up I’m going to be taller than a giant.  I’m going to live happily forever with seventeen children.  I’m going to have twins three times.  I will be a pilot when I’m a grown up.  I’m going to always live with my parents because Daddy makes me laugh and mamma said she […]

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Annette took a long sip from her bottle.  She then resumed her stretching.  Twelve minutes left. She tied on her pointe shoes.  She rubbed her arms willing her goosebumps to disappear.  Six minutes left. She looked in the mirror.  Her makeup was on point(e) and her dress was flawless.  Three minutes left. She looked at […]

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