Annette took a long sip from her bottle.  She then resumed her stretching.  Twelve minutes left. She tied on her pointe shoes.  She rubbed her arms willing her goosebumps to disappear.  Six minutes left. She looked in the mirror.  Her makeup was on point(e) and her dress was flawless.  Three minutes left. She looked at […]

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Just having fun

“I’m not sure this is a good idea.” Jael said staring at all the stuff she had chucked on her bed. “Nothing fun is a good idea. It’ll be fine.” Chris replied matter-of-factly. “Whatever. What if we get told off dude?” “You’re fourteen you can think of an explanation, right?” “Not for something this stupid.” […]

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Before she died

Hey, this is a draft. I am aware of the spelling mistakes in the ‘bad-draft’ section.  Enjoy. It didn’t happen like it does in books. It didn’t happen like it does in movies. There was no hospital. No doctors either. No one came up to a hospital bed with a clipboard saying ‘I’m afraid I […]

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Thank Me Later

Pain. It’s common for me to say to myself when I’m exercising ‘Keep Going’.  I’m out of energy.  I’m puffed.  Muscles are aching. Then I’d argue.  Yes, with myself.  As I’m squatting… -Well I did fifty +Five more -Fine +Keep Going -Come on man +Let’s do this -Ugggghhhhh +Well now I’ve done twelve so I’ll […]

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Completely Unnoticed… except

Sitting on the edge of his bed he bent down.  He placed a black sock with horizontal green stripes on his right foot.  A black sock with little rockets on his left.  They felt the same so he didn’t care that they were different.  He then put on his shoes.  He went to the mirror. […]

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The Same Minute

This is something that has kinda stuck with me my whole childhood and beyond so I’m gonna share it with you for no important reason. It’s 3:57pm on a Tuesday. Mary from Canada, she just gave birth to a son.  He has a freckle on his chin. Mary feels joy. It’s 3:57pm on a Tuesday. […]

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10 Things You Dunno

10 things I bet you didn’t know about me: 1. How many times I’ve eaten crepes 2. Why I like rap music 3. How many times I usually hit the snooze button 4. How many books I’ve read over the last five years 5. My full opinion on converse shoes 6. How many times I’ve […]

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